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Common issues and their workaround


If you do not find a solution to your issue here, contact us via GitHub by opening an issue. If you find a solution about a problem you faced, please let us know so we can add them to this page, for future users.

Make sure you have installed dependencies

Run yarn at the root of the project (same level as the package.json file). You should see a node_modules folder get generated.

No such file or directory when running yarn

When you run yarn and you get an error similar to:

Internal Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, stat '/Users/<path-to-directory>/.yarn/releases/yarn-4.1.0.cjs'

This usually means you do not have the yarn executable at the path defined in .yarnrc.yml under the yarnPath key.

To solve this issue:

  1. Comment out the yarnPath key in .yarnrc.yml
  2. Run yarn set version latest at the root of the project. This assumes you have yarn available globally (installed using corepack as recommended).
  3. Run yarn, everything should be fine. Ensure that the .yarn/releases folder is commited to source control to remove issues like these in the future. See which files should be ignored in the Yarn Q&A

CORS error with app

Apps need to be registered with a corresponding publisher. Publisher decides which origins are allowed.


The CORS check is done at startup, so if changes are made on the DB, they will take effect only at the next restart.